Welcome to 240sec Beta !

Finally there is a photo service which makes justice to your best photographs!

240sec enables you to create a photo exhibition out from your 8 photos. This is like having your best photos selected on the walls of a real-life arts gallery!

You then can invite friends, media and public to visit the exhibition for them to see your photos in full screen mode. Not as small icon-size boxes like most Internet services do.

And best of all, there is the voice of a ‘gallerist’ who walks through the exhibit space, describing your photos, one by one. You may record your own voice here or add the voice of professional speaker giving the idea that a ‘gallerist’ herself is giving a praise to your art pieces.

Go ahead and try. The service is free for you to create two exhibitions. You need more gallery space? Send us an email. We are still in limited beta and missing some functionality. Let us know what you think.

Two samples are here EkiTee and CityHarry.

Note: The exhibition you create is yours and it is you who share it, we don’t. Still, behave properly, use only photos you have right to and photos without hard porn or violence etc – you know what we mean